6th Conference on Biomarkers & Clinical Research 2015

Keywords: biomarkers, clinical research, clinical trials, clinical biomarkers, cancer biomarkers, blood biomarkers, microarray technologies, microarray data analysis, genomics & proteomics, functional genomics, transcriptomics, biomolecular imaging, fluorescent biomarkers, miRNA and siRNA, drug discovery, disease diagnosis and prognosis, biomarkers of exposure and response, epigenetic biomarkers
Published on June 13, 2014
The interdisciplinary application science meeting will try bringing on every aspect related to the Biomarkers Discovery covering the possible research areas. The expected equal contributions from that of Academic and Industry will increase and positively add on to the developmental probability of holistic and cost effective Biomarkers research methodologies from experts scientific discussions. With few of the many areas of the biomarker research to be covered at the conference; are proteomic biomarkers, cytogenetic biomarkers, SNP biomarkers, molecular imaging biomarkers, microarray data analysis, clinical & non-clinical biomarkers and diagnostic biomarkers and biomarkers of disorder. The importance of each of the research area is appended to the theme at the scientific meeting.
Category: Clinical
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